A Journey to Artistic Authenticity

A Journey to Artistic Authenticity



The call to create has been ingrained in my identity since youth. As a creative soul at my core, I adorned my walls with collages and delved into design and photography. Yet, practical pursuits took precedence, leading me to pursue Landscape Architecture as a non-traditional student at Colorado State University, graduating at the age of 28. The artist within me yearned for expression, but the responsibilities of starting a family and the demands of everyday life put my passion on a distant back burner.

Motherhood became my focus, and as my husband ventured into his career and started a surveying business in Windsor, I found myself navigating the realms of management work to make ends meet. Amid years of crafting in the basement and searching for purpose beyond domestic life, the year 2020 brought monumental changes. Adjusting our lifestyle to afford me the opportunity to stay at home with our kids was initially challenging, but it gifted me something invaluable – time.

In the quiet moments, I picked up watercolors to unwind, soon finding solace in drawing. What started as a therapeutic hobby swiftly transformed into a business. The need to contribute overrode the desire to create, propelling me into the world of selling art as an Etsy entrepreneur. However, this pursuit didn't align with my true aspirations, leading to burnout and a significant life transition.

Today, I stand as a testament to the power of self-discovery. I've come to realize that I am fundamentally a creative, an artist with a deep need to create. My journey with art has been transformative, awakening forgotten parts of myself. Success and sales are no longer my primary focus; instead, it's about the practice, about being present in the act of creation.

Every day, I engage in various forms of creativity – painting, writing, collage, interior design, cooking, and photography – as exercises in self-expression. This mindful presence has become my salvation, making me a better person and instilling excitement and curiosity for the future.

My art practice is a commitment to forging my own path, setting aside preconceived notions and immersing myself in the meditative act of painting. It's a muscle I exercise daily, an investment in personal growth that I never regret.

Viewing the world through the lens of an artist has brought gratitude for the abundance in my day-to-day life. It's a healing journey, allowing me to shed past versions of myself and embrace authenticity. As I evolve as an artist, my hope is to inspire fellow creatives to embrace their passions, to understand that it's never too late to explore creativity as a gift that has the power to save, just as it has saved me.

- Faith Danielle

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